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Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney

Robin R. Scroggie is a Criminal Defense Lawyer Who Will Do What's Best For His Clients... Always.

The law firm of Robin R. Scroggie Criminal Trial Lawyer provides powerful criminal defense representation to individuals and professionals in Los Angeles, throughout California and nationwide when they need it most.

Offering more than two decades of successful criminal defense experience, founder Rob Scroggie has the legal knowledge and proven skills to effectively defend his clients in a wide range of federal and state charges. Whether you have been accused of fraud, found in violation of U.S. customs laws or arrested for a felony crime, federal criminal defense lawyer Rob Scroggie can help you.

Powerful Advocacy Against Criminal Charges That You Can Depend On

When you are facing serious criminal charges involving penalties that could place you behind bars for a significant period of time, you need a powerful legal advocate on your side.  You need a criminal defense attorney with expertise.  A criminal defense attorney who knows the system.

Los Angeles County criminal defense lawyer Rob Scroggie is determined to place his clients in the best legal positions possible. He will help you understand your criminal charges and your legal options while providing an honest assessment of your situation and a realistic and strategic defense plan that fits your specific situation.

With a strong reputation and solid track record as a skilled trial lawyer, L.A. criminal attorney Rob Scroggie will vigorously fight for your rights. He has extensive experience in a variety of state and federal courthouses across the country, both as a defense attorney and former federal prosecutor. His goal is to help you achieve the best possible outcome, and he will fight for you every step of the way. Learn more about Rob Scroggie's professional experience.

Before you speak to law enforcement or the prosecution about your charges, make sure you have a strong advocate on your side. Contact Criminal Defense Lawyer Rob Scroggie today.

Free Initial Consultation With a Skilled Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

To schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney, call Rob Scroggie today at 213-620-9576, toll free at 800-400-4240, or please complete and submit the online contact form. Credit card payments are accepted and language interpretation services are available, if needed.

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Former Federal Prosecutor Robin Scroggie's two decades' of experience runs the gamut from homicide and other violent felonies to white collar crimes and other non-violent offenses that carry substantial penalties.

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